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Intree Business turns your employees, friends, promoters, and partners into powerful brand ambassadors. It lets you create and manage exclusive advantages your ambassadors can privately share within their social circles on Intree.

Why Intree Business?

Master word-of-mouth

In a world overwhelmed by ads and constant promotions, word-of-mouth remains the most powerful marketing method. Intree Business takes this trusted strategy into the digital age with a powerful solution that automates this process for any type of business.

Choose who represents your business

Privately distribute your exclusive advantages

Show appreciation and spark excitement among your ambassadors. Whether they're your employees, friends, promoters or partners with Intree Business, they now have concrete advantages to share within their network

Create, manage and share Treets

What can you offer?

Treets are exclusive advantages you create and manage, and your ambassadors enjoy and share. A Treet can be anything from an invitation to an exclusive event, early access to a new product, a unique code for a webshop, or a VIP offer for selected customers.

Your imagination is the only limit

Create Treets

Treets can be tailored to fit your brand aesthetic and be personalised directly to the groups of ambassadors who receive them. You control how many times it can be used and shared when it's available and how it is verified.

Designed for simplicity, built for security

Verification for any business

Treets come with a verification system that is easy to implement and requires no secondary scanning device. Enjoy peace of mind as ambassadors enjoy and share the advantages you create.

Forge partnerships

Collaborate with your
favourite business

With the 'Partner' feature, you can receive Treets from collaborating businesses and then distribute these exclusive advantages to your own circle of ambassadors. This seamless exchange allows you to streamline partnership agreements and diversify your Treet offerings.

Analytics made engaging

Real-time insights

Immerse yourself in data-driven decision-making with Intree Business. Get instant, insightful feedback on your Treets' popularity and your ambassador groups' performance. Use these insights to refine your strategy.

Integrated with the social platform Intree

Experience Privacy

Intree Business is seamlessly integrated with the closed social platform Intree. Intree is built around privacy and contains no algorithms, ads, or data mining. It’s here that your ambassadors can redeem and share Treets effortlessly


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